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Benefits of membership
A TANGO member in good standing is one who pays its subscription in full and on time. This allows you to fully participate in TANGO activities such as attending AGMs and voting. TANGO runs series of capacity building activities and members always take priority in these events. As a member, you also enjoy the support and backing of not only the Secretariat, but the entire membership of the coalition. This includes accessing information for technical and operational purposes, partnerships and resource mobilization. Membership in TANGO also raises one’s profile and status by which one can obtain recognition both within and outside the country and also allows you to take part in a number of forums around the world such meetings, trainings and conferences organized by governments, international organizations and other NGOs. Finally TANGO membership brings you into a community where you can find solidary, warmth and protection as well as raise your visibility and voice.

TANGO membership also means one has agreed to operate in line with best practices of management and governance as according to the human rights standards of gender equality, accountability and transparency, participation and non-discrimination in all your programs and activities.

Activities & Services.


  • TANGO serves and supports NGO members and CBOs and promotes the Association’s objectives.
  • Providing a forum for NGOs to discuss issues of common interest and concern.
  • Representing NGOs in government, regional and international fora.
  • Providing Technical assistance, information and training opportunities for National NGOs and CBOs.
  • Servicing NGO sectoral Taskforces and coordinating their meetings.
  • Creating and maintaining a database on NGOs operating in the Gambia and organizations interested in collaborating with NGOs.
  • Establishing links with other NGO umbrella organizations in Africa and other regions.
  • Linking National NGOs and CBOs with potential donors.
  • Processing membership application and updating on member organizations and actively recruiting members.