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The Non State Actors Strengthening Programme is EU funded and managed in partnership with the Government of The Gambia. The overall objective is to enhance the role of NSA’s in contributing to good governance, poverty reduction and the enhancement of sustainable livelihoods for The Gambian people.The NSA-SP and TANGO project seeks to engage duty bearers in the promotion of human rights and good governance. The one- year project aims to raise the awareness of public agencies and development organizations on their obligations in ensuring development, through rights-based approaches.Learn more
ACBF In November 2008, the African Capacity Building Foundation gave a grant of US$ 1 million dollars to the Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (TANGO) in the Gambia.The overall objective of the Association is to contribute to the capacity development of NGOs/CBOs in the Gambia to influence public policy processes and implementation for the promotion of people centered development.This overall objective will be reached through the following four specific objectives:
To strengthen TANGO to enable it to coordinate, facilitate and galvanize the voices of Non-Governmental Organizations/Community based organizations (NGOs/CBOs) on development issues;
To strengthen the consultative mechanisms established under GICAP to influence public policy processes;
To enhance the integration of gender issues in NGOs/CBOs for effective engagement in public policy dialogue and;
To increase information flow, networking and interface among NGOs/CBOs and with other stakeholders.