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Types of Membership: –

  • Full Membership
    This is open to national and international, voluntary, non-profit, independent, non-governmental organizations, registered under the Laws of The Gambia. Full membership is accorded to those who meet the criteria above.
  • Associate Membership
    Associate membership is accorded to other non-profit making, non-governmental organizations that do not meet all the criteria for full membership, but are involved in development work and are registered under the Laws of The Gambia.

Membership Fee are payable within the first three months of affiliation.

A Membership fee of:

D10, 000.00 ($364) for International NGOs

D 3, 000.00 ($110) for National NGOs

D 1, 500.00 ($55) for CBOs

The fees above are subject to periodic review.

Membership Right & Responsibilities:-

  • Members have a duty to subscribe to and promote the aims and objectives of TANGO and participate in activities of the organization.
  • Members shall pay annual fees as agreed upon by the Members Assembly by the end of the third month of each year.
  • Members shall submit to TANGO their annual work programme and budget before the start of the programme year, and an annual report together with the audited financial statements within four months of the end of their programme year.
  • Members shall sign the Charter of Commitment and adhere to it and the TANGO Code of Conduct.

Memebership Scope:-

  • CBOs