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TANGO is a development organization guided by a constitution which outlines its structures and system of management and governance. The structures of TANGO are the following:

General Membership, is the supreme decision making body comprising all members who meet once every year and elect a board every other year.

Board of Directors serves as the second tier policy and decision making body that also plays the key oversight function.

Management Team is responsible for the day to day operations of TANGO as it implements the decisions, policies and objectives of the General Membership and the Board. The Management Team conducts its business in line with operational tools for the management of human, material and financial resources including strictly conducting procurement and disbursement according to set guidelines. Furthermore the TANGO has a set of policies on HIV, Gender, Children and the Environment to guide its actions and decisions around these issues based on sound ethics and values.

The Executive Director, together with the Program Manager and Accountant constitute the Senior Management Team.