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Japanese Social Development Fund /World Bank

The  Non- Governmental Ogranisation Sector Efficiency and Accountability to Strengthen Services Project is a Grant From the Japanese Social Development Fund( JSDF) being adminstered by the International Development Association IDA of the World Bank.

The Project became effective on April 2008 and was to last for one year. But there have been slippages and implementation proper is taking place in 2012.

Project Objective

the object of the project to enhance the efficiency and accountability of Non Governmental Organisation (NGOs) in delivering services to the poor in the Gambia.

Project Components

The project will use goods, consultancy services, and training to implement the four components of the project. These components consist of the following:

Component A: Capacity Building of the Association of Non- Governmental Organisation (TANGO).

Component B: Development of Evaluation Performance Stastandards and Capacity- Building NGOs.

Component C: Learning Events on NGOs Performance Standards.

Component D: Project Management and Coordination.