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Education & Life Skills

1. Alliance for Democracy  (ADA)
2. Association for Promoting Girls and Women’s Advancement in The Gambia (APGWA)
3. African Network for Information and Action Against Drugs (RAID) – Gambia
4. Anglican Mission Development Ministries (AMDM)
5. Association for International Arts and Theatre Communication (AIATG)
6. Association of Farmers, Educators and Traders (AFET)
7. Boka Loho Organisation of The Gambia (BLOG)
8. Child fund – The Gambia – (CFTG)
9. Children in Gambia, Basse and Suduwol (CHIGAMBAS)
10. Forum for Africa Women Educationalist Gambia(FAWEGAM)
11. Friends of The Gambia Association (FOTGA)
12. Fund for Africa and African-American Cultural and Educational Solidarity (FACES)
13. Future In Our Hands (FIOH)
14. Gambia Association for the Physically Disabled (GAPD)
15. Gambia Association of the Deaf and hard of Hearing (GADHOH)
16. Gambia Organisation of Visually Impaired (GOVI)
17. Institute for Social Reformation and Action (ISRA)
18. Njawara Cultural Camp (NCC)
19. Satang’s Institute for Management, Marketing and Advocacy (SIMMA)
20. Sheikh Mass Kah Islamic Foundation (SMKIF)
21. SOS Children’s Village – The Gambia (SOS-CV)
22. Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) – The Gambia
23. Wonder Years Centre for Excellence (WYCE)
24. Wuli and Sandu Development Agency (WASDA)
25. Young Men’s Christian association (YMCA)
26. Young women’s Christian Association (YWCA)
27. Youth Action for Food Self-Sufficiency and Education (YAFSSE)