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About African Capacity Building Foundation

ACBF’s vision is for Africa to be recognized for its socio-political and economic capabilities and endowments – a continent with effective institutions and policies acquired through sustained investment in people and institutions. The Foundation aims to become a leader, major partner, and centre of excellence for capacity building in Africa.

It’s key objectives are to build new capacity, strengthening and better utilizing existing capacity in a sustainable manner. ACBF will achieve track record of development results, due to the effective channeling of capacity to areas that spur economic growth, achieve poverty reduction, strengthen good governance and enhance participation by Africa in the global economy.

ACBF’s strength is in its credibility as an institution ‘for Africa, by Africa’, with Africans taking greater leadership in proactively addressing the continent’s challenges. The Foundation is staffed entirely by African professionals. ACBF’s management and capacity building approach is a marked deviation from the traditional technical assistance approach, as the Foundation’s supports and promotes national control, local knowledge and broad based participation. ACBF focuses on indigenous ownership, leadership, partnership, accountability and quality in its outputs and results. It also nurtures the inter-relationship dynamics of major stakeholders in the capacity building process.