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The Association of Non-Governmental Organizations TANGO

The Association of Non-Governmental Organizations in the Gambia (TANGO), founded in 1983, is the umbrella organization for NGOs operating in The Gambia. The Association was founded by a group of NGOs out of the concern to avoid duplication of NGO efforts, and to minimize conflict and competition between NGOs. The founders were also interested in ensuring maximum use of resources mobilized by NGOs for relief and social development purposes through collaboration, networking, and mutual reinforcement of each other’s activities.

TANGO has a membership of over 80 national and International NGOs, who are working with communities in different all parts of the country. TANGO’s members play key roles in areas such as health, education, women’s empowerment, agriculture and credit, as well as small enterprise development projects such as vegetable gardening, food processing and similar activities. Members also engage in peace building activities, and the promotion of human rights and good governance. TANGO and its members work towards improving the living standards of the poor and marginalized members of the Gambian society by supporting poverty reduction interventions as outlined in the national development objectives enshrined in the PRSP and MDGs.

The Association’s primary obligation is to promote and enhance NGO operations through capacity building, and serve as a mouthpiece and advocate on behalf of NGOs operating in The Gambia, in which respect TANGO assists NGOs to serve Gambia civil society better. TANGO provides the opportunity for NGOs to meet regularly to discuss issues that are of relevance to the NGO community, exchange ideas, and share information about their respective activities, achievements, challenges, and promote NGO solidarity for the benefit of the communities they work with.


To become a dynamic, pro-active, innovative and inclusive NGO consortium, playing a key and constructive role in building a strong, vibrant and independent civil society, in an environmentally sound, democratic, peaceful and equitable Gambia.


To contribute to national poverty reduction efforts by expanding membership and improving services to members in a cost-effective and financially sustainable manner.