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TANGO Launches a project

TANGO Launches a project to promote democracy and human rights in the Gambia

The Association of NGOs in the Gambia (TANGO) wishes to announce the launching of a new project aimed at strengthening democracy, good governance and human rights protection in the Gambia funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF). The two-year project entitled, ‘Strengthening Human Rights and Good Governance in the Gambia’ is an awareness creation and advocacy activity that will seek to engage all sectors of Gambian society in a drive to contribute to the democratisation process of the country following the 2016 political change.         

The project will particularly target civil society organizations (CSOs) with a view to strengthening their advocacy capacity to effectively participate in public policy processes in holding the government to account. Furthermore, the project also aims to enhance popular participation to nurture democratic culture, combat corruption and ensure efficient delivery of public services.

The project will employ several activities to achieve these outcomes including capacity development, campaigns around policy and development issues, media engagement and community outreach. The project will target CSOs, communities, traditional and religious communities as well as policy and lawmakers and ordinary citizens. It will forge partnerships with the media, academia and the private sector as well as with Government agencies. TANGO will also partner with the National Council for Civic Engagement for public outreach activities to educate the public about their rights and responsibilities.

Democracy is not merely about the exercise of civil and political rights. Rather those civil and political rights are indeed vehicles to enable citizens to enjoy social and economic wellbeing. Hence the theory of change of this project is first to empower citizens to understand their civic rights and duties. When citizens are so empowered, they will then be able to recognize and defend their rights and demand better services from the Government, at local and central levels. This is TANGO’s theory of change.

The main goal of the project therefore is to build and strengthen democratic governance by raising widespread civic awareness to generate active and informed popular participation in the Gambia. TANGO therefore hereby seeks the cooperation of all stakeholders particularly citizens, CSOs, the Gambia Government, private businesses and traditional and religious leaders among others for the successful implementation of the project. This project falls within the wider objective of TANGO’s campaign of ‘The Gambia We Want’. The project has come at a rather opportune moment as the country emerges out of dictatorship and seeking to transition to democracy. #TheGambiaWeWant

As part of the publicly announcement of this project TANGO wishes to also announce its new official website –